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The Librarian and the Spy by Susan Mann

The Librarian and the Spy

Shelve under: Libraries, Spies, Falling in Love, London.

Adventure-hungry Quinn Ellington solves mundane mysteries for library patrons while indulging her taste for intrigue with her favorite spy novels. But her latest research project entangles her in a mission to decode the whereabouts of a weapons cache from a priceless work of art before arms dealers beat her to it. Her adventure is filled with fast cars, stolen treasures, international intrigue, and a budding romance with suave, handsome “insurance” agent James Lockwood. Daring rescues and intense covert flirting ensue.A librarian’s journey from the reference desk to fast cars, stolen treasures, and international intrigue / with an introduction by suave, handsome “insurance” agent James Lockwood.

The Librarian and the Spy, the first Librarian and the Spy Escapade is available at Amazon, Barnes & NobleBooksamillion, Kobo, Google Play, and on your iBooks app.

Advance Praise for The Librarian and the Spy

“A new voice has joined the romantic suspense genre and she brings a fresh, fun look at the intersection of library science and spy thrillers. A librarian herself, Mann does a good job melding the painstaking hunt for clues into this exhilarating global adventure. Librarian Quinn Ellington is quick, clever, and spunky – traits she is going to need once she runs into handsome “insurance” agent James Lockwood. This is the first book in Mann’s romantic thrillers featuring Quinn and James, so readers can rejoice that the entertainment is just beginning. Do not miss out on this fun-filled ride.”- RT Book Reviews, 4 Stars

“An intrepid hero and heroine, fast-paced action, witty repartee, lots of suspense, and a very neat twist at the end will make this funny roller- coaster of a tale popular with a broad spectrum of readers. It’s hard to believe this is Mann’s first novel. It is also the first volume in a planned and promising series.” – Booklist, Starred Review

“I was intrigued by the summary–I mean, a librarian caught up in spy games–and I took a chance, and boy, was I glad I did! THE LIBRARIAN AND THE SPY exceeded my expectations, being a compelling read with original, unforgettable characters.

Susan Mann seamlessly weaved popular culture (Harry Potter, LOTR, etc… the only thing lacking was Game of Thrones) into Quinn’s and James’s conversation, and their banter and quips were quick and lively and engaging. Quinn is an amazing heroine–refreshing and strong and confident in herself. I love how she totally loved books (kindred spirit there!) and how they need her mad librarian skills to solve the mystery. I also love the way she lived and breathed spy novels–it’s in her every pore and pours out in her conversation and actions. I thought she, the untrained civilian, would overshadow James the spy, but I was glad to see James held his own in the end.

The pacing of the story is just right, with a balanced mix of suspense and mystery and romance (closed doors sex but lots of kisses!!), and totally love the twists and turns in the story, even until the end. (Please, do yourself a favor and don’t read the ending first!) I love the one scene of Quinn and her family–I hope there’s more in the next books! Already, I’m looking forward to the next books in the series. I hope there are lots!” – The Romance Reviews, 5 stars

“I could not put the book down!!!  Then ending was totally unexpected and worth staying up late to finish reading.  The story is part mystery, action and definitely romance.  It is not very explicit for a contemporary romance…but the story was so good….I wasn’t really expecting more.

“My librarian heart squealed in delight at the conversations about MARC and DDC.  They were so integral to solving the mystery part of the story that they really could not do it without Quinn.  I’m glad the editors let this stay in because it is sort of librarian jargon, but on the other hand – medical romances are full of medical/doctor-y terminology.  I think it’s ok to let readers see the technical aspects of a professional career. It really puts us in a more professional light and shows that we are not there to shush patrons and reshelve books for a living.  I’m clearly biased about this book.  But I loved it so much!  I cannot wait for the next one.” – Romance Librarian

Coming August 29, 2017

A Covert Affair

Shelve under: Travel, Romance, Art Theft, Hostages.

Librarian and CIA agent-in-training Quinn Ellington and her handsome spy boyfriend James “Bond” Anderson find themselves in the middle of an international incident when the Indian ambassador is kidnapped from a Library of Congress event. The key to saving the ambassador is tangled up with a long-lost sacred library, a desecrated temple, and some very modern machinations. At least their cover as blissful newlyweds isn’t too hard to pull off . . .

The second Librarian and the Spy Escapade is available for pre-order at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Booksamillion, Kobo, Google Play and on your iPhone app.

Advance Praise for A Covert Affair

“Some librarians will do anything to answer an interesting reference question.

Quinn Ellington may not look like a spy, but that’s because she’s a librarian. Well, OK, she’s also a spy-in-training for the CIA. When a reception at the Library of Congress is attacked by terrorists who kidnap invaluable sacred texts as well as the Indian ambassador to the United States, she’s asked to put her training to use sooner than expected. Along with her boyfriend, James Anderson—aka “Mr. I Have a Security Clearance and You Don’t”—she heads to India to unravel a decades-old library mystery and save the life of the ambassador. While the relationship between Quinn and James is supposedly the heart of this romance novel, nearly every other element of the story gets more attention, including extensive detail about the history of conflict between Sikhs and the Indian government. Those hoping to read spicy scenes between each episode of spycraft may be disappointed, as reconnaissance and research take more time than lovemaking, and the characters’ initial courtship is already well-established from the first book in the series, The Librarian and the Spy (2017). Readers looking for more suspense than romance, however, will enjoy the complex plot, as will readers who appreciate detailed back story. Mann, a librarian herself, has created a heroine any bookish reader will value, and most will finish the story hoping Quinn and James’ long-distance relationship has a future, if only because it’s nice to think 007 would have wanted a librarian of his own.

A contemporary romance in which suspense drives the plot rather than passion.” – Kirkus Reviews

“Mann continues the tale of intrepid reference librarian Quinn Ellington, first met in The Librarian and the Spy (2017) and now a CIA librarian. During a black-tie grand opening of an exhibit of rare Indian manuscripts at the Library of Congress, things quickly turn chaotic when someone throws a stun grenade into the crowd. All clues lead to India, and soon Quinn is off on an international assignment with her hunky secret-agent boyfriend, James Anderson. Their mission: find the kidnapped Indian ambassador as well as the priceless manuscripts stolen during the event. Mann’s latest spy caper is filled with danger, suspense, and a healthy helping of humor. Exquisite details of Indian life and culture are woven into the story, giving the reader a true sense of place. Libraries will definitely want both books in Mann’s Librarian/Spy Escapade series, with a third to come.” – Booklist, Starred Review

Coming December 26, 2017

An Uncommon Honeymoon

Shelve under: Spies, Russian, Librarian Spies, Conspiracies.

Librarian and rookie CIA covert operative Quinn Ellington revises her honeymoon plans when she and her brand-new spy husband uncover a drug trafficking ring stretching from the Caribbean to St. Petersburg. Turquoise waters, white sand, and intra-agency relations provide a lush backdrop for raiding enemy strongholds, tailing movie stars, and dodging more than a few bullets. Meanwhile, Quinn’s unique skills prove indispensable in luring a dangerous villain into the proper trap.

The third Librarian and the Spy Escapade is available for pre-order at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Booksamillion, Kobo, Google Play and on your iPhone app.




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